5th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Qualidade: a ponte para o futuro nas TIC

Porto, Portugal. 18-20 Outubro, 2004






Title: STARS Based Improvement

Abstract: Organisations that have high quality and competitive focus act differently to their less capable competitors. In this tutorial, the presenter provides a practical approach to attaining high quality outcomes that can be shaped to suit specific organisations. The presenter developed the STARS methodology over a series of workshops with highly skilled people in systems and software organisations as both an individual and team methodology for improvement. STARS provides a way to train and motivate new employees, and considers cultural, improvement, systems thinking, and knowledge management aspects. It is highly suited to businesses operating in the knowledge society that desire a competitive advantage.

The tutorial consists of team workshop exercises that illustrate the STARS methodology in a practical and beneficial manner.

The STARS methodology has been successfully deployed in several organisations, and is further described in the presenters forthcoming book: Process Assessment and Improvement: A practical guide for managers, quality professionals and assessors.

Schedule: Monday, 9.30 / 13.00

Speaker: Han Van Loon (SynSpace)

Brief CV: Han van Loon works as a consultant at SynSpace AG in Switzerland with clients in financial, insurance, systems and software engineering, and space industries. He is an Associate Professor teaching at MBA level in the International University in Geneva and a Visiting Professor at the Nottingham Trent University. He has worked within high quality maturity organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe, who are leading industry competitors and winners of multiple quality awards. Han has worked as a system designer, software developer, project manager, quality manager, R&D programme manager, information services manager, and in executive positions in organizations within Australia and Europe over 25 years. He has qualifications in Engineering, Arts and Management.


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