5th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Qualidade: a ponte para o futuro nas TIC

Porto, Portugal. 18-20 Outubro, 2004





TECHNICAL SESSION 8 Software Process Modeling and Meta-modeling
Language English
Papers 32,19
Schedule Wednesday, 11.30 to 13.00
Moderator Mário Romão (ACE/Case e ISCTE)


32 - Title Requirements for Flexible Software Development Processes within Large and Long Taking Projects
Authors Olga Jaufman, DaimlerChrysler
Axel Dold, DaimlerChrysler
Tobias Haeberlein, DaimlerChrysler
Claudia Schlumpberger, DaimlerChrysler
Michael Stupperich, DaimlerChrysler
Nikolaus Kleiner, Universität Ulm
Main Fields 2. B Area - Process perspective
Abstract + Keywords At present, software development in the automotive industry is
characterized by frequent changes caused by new innovations, fast-growing system complexity, growing software portion in cars, changing business relationships.
This dynamical environment demands for flexible software processes. In order to improve a software development process with respect to flexibility, it is necessary to characterize what kind of flexibility is required. Therefore, we defined a set of requirements for desired processes based on our process analysis in DaimlerChrysler’s engineering departments and analysis of related contributions proposed in the literature. Based on this requirement the existing processes can be analyzed to identify its improvement potential. The application of the requirements is illustrated in the context of a case study.

process flexibility, requirements, case study, software development


19 - Title Padrões em Processos de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Informação
Authors Paula Martins, Universidade do Algarve / INESC-ID
Alberto Silva, Instituto Superior Técnico / INESC-ID
Main Fields 2. B Area - Process perspective
Abstract + Keywords Sendo o metamodelo Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM) promovido no âmbito da OMG como standard para especificação de processos de desenvolvimento de software, é essencial a sua comparação com os processos de desenvolvimentos existentes. Este artigo analisa a expressividade e adequabilidade dos conceitos de suporte, de componentes e do ciclo de vida do processo segundo a terminologia SPEM, através de uma comparação com três processos de desenvolvimento, designadamente RUP, XP e MSF. Em particular, a definição de um conjunto de padrões observados no contexto dos processos de desenvolvimento de software, permitirá capturar elementos comuns à maior parte dos processos de desenvolvimento comerciais.

Palavras chave: sistemas de informação; processo; metamodelo; SPEM; padrão


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