5th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Quality: the bridge to the future in ICT

Porto, Portugal. 18-20 October 2004




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Call for Demos



The programme of QUATIC has a number of slots available for sessions dedicated to demos of products and services by the suppliers of such products or services (including commercial and research ones) related with the topics of interest of the conference.

The goal of the demo session is to offer the conference participants the opportunity to analyse tools and services related to the topics of the conference and discuss these systems with their creators and distributors. The tools and services may come from a research area or be of a commercial nature. Each exhibitor may present more than one tool, if he chooses so.


Review process:

Since we expect more exhibitor requests than the available time and space slots, proposals will be reviewed according to relevance to the conference topics, novelty, technical soundness and quality of the tools technical description. The demonstration of real-case scenarios, instead of "toy" examples, will also be a major decision criterion.

The technical descriptions of accepted demonstrations will be inserted in the QUATIC'2004 Tool Demonstration Session proceedings, to be published electronically in the conference website.



Both the commercial and research tools (please check NOTE) will have a room equipped with projection equipment so that they can be shown to all interested conference participants. The scedule for such demonstrations will be part of the QUATIC'2004 programme. The interested entities will also have a stand in a showroom, along with the other presenters of demos, where they will be able to make demos and interact with the conference participants. The stands will have all the conditions for fixing posters and other publicity materials, as well as electricity, tables and chairs.

The selected demos have a base duration of 45 minutes, but can last for one or more of those periods. The selection of time slots will be made according to the programme. The first demos to pay their entry fee will have priority while choosing the time slots for their demos.

The QUATIC organization supports the dissemination of tools developed within the scope of research activities. This support will vary according to the relevance of the tool for the conference's audience. Organizations which make demos of tools developed as part of research activities may also have access to a stand similar to those of commercial tools demonstrators, but the terms of this support have to be discussed directly with QUATIC's organization. To learn more details about this, please send your proposal and questions to:




Proposals should be sent by email to Paulo Gomes (paulo.gomes[at], QUATIC'2004's Demos Chair.
A proposal to be sent by a prospective exhibitor must include:

  • Exhibitors' organization name;
  • Exhibitors' organization web site;
  • Demonstrated tool(s) and/or service(s) name(s);
  • Name of contact person;
  • Address of contact person: (name, mailing address, e-mail, fax, and phone);
  • One technical description for each of the tools to be presented: these technical descriptions should include, among other things, the tool objectives and features (with screenshots to help explanation), adopted/supported technology, fields of practical application and demonstration examples to be presented; each technical description should be 2 to 5 pages long, two columns, 10 pts in Adobe PDF format.

Tool demonstrators should provide the computing equipment required for the presentations. Marketing materials such as Cd-ROMs or DVDs with demo-versions of the tools and / or technical leaflets may be distributed to all conference participants upon check-in at the registration desk.


Demos fees:

45' - 900 Euros + VAT (IVA)
90' - 1250 Euros + VAT (IVA)

(besides the above mentioned facilities, this fee includes coffee breaks, lunches, conference banquet and access to the conference technical sessions for two persons).

Payment instructions will be forwarded to the selected tool exhibitors.


Demos proposals should be sent to:

Paulo Gomes (Demos Chair)
email: paulo.gomes[at]


Note: to prevent spam, "[at]" replaces "@" in all email addresses on this page





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