5th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Quality: the bridge to the future in ICT

Porto, Portugal. 18-20 October 2004




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Call for Panels



Panels are organized to discuss topics of a broad interest and confront different perspectives on those topics. The panel participants should be selected to reflect different or even conflicting opinions related with the panel subject(s).

To foster a lively debate, each participant will have a small presentation of his point (5 to 10 minutes). After such presentation, all the panel members will provide their opinions to clarify the antagonic points of view. The discussion is then open to the audience of the panel.



The panel proponent has a free admission in the conference in the day of the panel.

The remaining panel members are granted free entrance in the QUATIC'2004, except for the first day tutorials.



The proposed topic for discussion should be clearly related to one or more topics of the conference.

The panel proponent has to moderate the panel.

The number of participants in each panel should be no less than 3 and no more than 5.

The panel proposal includes an abstract of from 200 to 300 words, which should be sent along with the following information:

  • Panel title
  • Panel Author / Moderator
  • Panel participants contacts, including phone number, fax number and email
  • Conference topics covered bythe panel
  • Keywords (maximum 6)
  • Short Curricum Vitæ (50 to 100 for each of the participants, including the moderator)


QUATIC's organization keeps to itself the decision of not accepting a panel proposal, if its subject is outside of the scope of QUATIC's topics.



Panel proposals should be sent to:

Victor Bello (Panel Chair)
email: Victor.Bello[at]


Note: to prevent spam, "[at]" replaces "@" in all the email addresses of this page




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