5th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Qualidade: a ponte para o futuro nas TIC

Porto, Portugal. 18-20 Outubro, 2004





TECHNICAL SESSION 5.1 Data and Information Quality and Complexity Evaluation
Language English
Papers 36,30,21
Schedule Tuesday, 14.30 to 16.00
Moderator Miguel Goulão, FCT/UNL


36 - Title Detection and Resolution of Data Inconsistencies, and Data Integration
Authors Pilar Angeles, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt University
Lachlan Mackinnon, School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt University
Main Fields 6. F Area - Quality in the WWW
7. G Area - Quality in Education / Training
Abstract + Keywords In the processes and optimization of information integration, such as query processing, query planning and hierarchical structuring of results to the user, we argue that user quality priorities, data inconsistencies and data quality differences among the participating sources have not been fully addressed. We propose the development of a Data Quality Manager (DQM) to establish communication between the process of integration of information, the user and the application, to deal with semantic heterogeneity. DQM will contain a Reference Model, a Measurement Model, and an Assessment Model to define the quality criteria, the metrics and the assessment methods. DQM will also help in query planning by considering data quality estimations to find the best combination for the execution plan. After query execution, and detection of inconsistent data, data quality might also be used to perform data inconsistency resolution. Integration and ranking of query results using quality criteria defined by the user will be an outcome of this process.

Databases, Heterogeneous, Data Quality, Information Quality, Semantic Integration, Information Integration.


30 - Title Assessment and Improvement of Information Quality through Information Management Process Concept
Authors Ismael Caballero, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Mario Piattini, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
Main Fields 5. E Area - Contents perspective, Data quality, Information quality: risk analysis, assessment and audit
Abstract + Keywords Abstract:
It is a well known fact that information is one of the most important assets for today’s enterprises since it is the basis for organizational decisions. However, as information is produced from data, both data and information quality must be assured. Although many researches have proposed technical and managerial solutions to some specific information quality problems, an integrative framework which brings together these kinds of solutions is still lacking. Our proposal consists of a framework for assessing and improving information quality through the concept of Information Management Process (IMP). An IMP is assessed according to an information quality maturity model by using an assessment and improvement methodology. The framework provides a consistent roadway for coordinating efforts and resources to manage information quality with a strategic perspective. As an application example, a study case has been included in the paper.

Information Quality, Information Quality Management, Information Quality Assessment


21 - Title Sistema de Análise de Complexidade de Documentos XML
Authors Ruben Costa, FCT/UNL
Ricardo Andrade, FCT/UNL
Main Fields 6. F Area - Quality in the WWW
Abstract + Keywords Resumo — Esta aplicação tem como principal objectivo a extracção de vários tipos de métricas referentes a todo o tipo de documentos XML. A adopção de documentos XML tem sido hoje em dia bastante utilizado, tornando-se cada vez mais como um standard para troca de informação entre vários sistemas. Os documentos XML encontram-se estruturados das formas mais diversas, o que por vezes pode tornar difícil para o ser humano interpretar o seu conteúdo. A extracção de métricas desses documentos permite avaliar a sua complexidade.
Palavras Chave — Bases de Dados, Meta-Modelo, Métricas, OCL, USE, XML



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