5th International Conference on the Quality of Information and Communications Technology

Qualidade: a ponte para o futuro nas TIC

Porto, Portugal. 18-20 Outubro, 2004





TECHNICAL SESSION 4 Software Process Improvement in Action
Language English
Papers 15,17
Schedule Tuesday, 11.30 to 13.00
Moderator Paulo Gomes, Artemis International


15 - Title Uma Estratégia para Melhoria de Processo de Software nas Empresas Brasileiras
Authors Kival Weber, Sociedade SOFTEX – Sociedade para Promoção da Excelência do Software Brasileiro
Ana Regina Rocha, COPPE/UFRJ – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Ana Cristina Rouiller, UFLA – Universidade Federal de Lavras
Adalberto Crespo, CenPRA - Centro de Pesquisas Renato Archer
Ângela Alves, CenPRA - Centro de Pesquisas Renato Archer
Arnaldo Ayala, Sociedade SOFTEX – Sociedade para Promoção da Excelência do Software Brasileiro
Main Fields 2. B Area - Process perspective
Abstract + Keywords Estudos sobre a qualidade no setor de software brasileiro mostram a necessidade de um esforço significativo capaz de aumentar a maturidade dos processos de software das empresas. Este artigo descreve o Projeto mps Br – melhoria de processo do software Brasileiro, uma iniciativa envolvendo universidades, grupos de pesquisa e empresas, sob a coordenação da Sociedade SOFTEX. O projeto visa a definição e disseminação de um Modelo de Referência e um Modelo de Negócio para melhoria de processo de software (MR mps e MN mps, respectivamente). Não é objetivo deste projeto definir algo novo no que se refere a normas e modelos de maturidade. Sua novidade está na estratégia de implementação, criada para a realidade brasileira. O Modelo de Negócio tem grande potencial de replicabilidade no Brasil e em outros países de características semelhantes no que se refere ao setor de software.


17 - Title The Capability Road Map - from Quality Management to Process Improvement
Authors Kevin Daily, QAI Europe
Luis Joaquim, Critical Software SA
Main Fields 2. B Area - Process perspective
8. H Area - Standardization and Certification
Abstract + Keywords A significant proportion of software developers and IT suppliers have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), then obtained formal certification of its effectiveness against the international standard ISO9001:2000. The standard's emphasis on achieving customer satisfaction by following defined sets of processes provides an effective framework for delivering the right solutions to customers. However, while a QMS includes process improvement, ISO9001 provides limited information on how to do this in a way that can demonstrate value and benefits and allow comparison with the performance of other developers and suppliers.

A Capability Road Map defines a route for improving the capability and effectiveness of processes, starting with an ISO9001 Quality Management System or equivalent. By defining processes in a structured way, their capability can be assessed using existing industry models such as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) or ISO15504/SPICE. These assessments provide a clear understanding of current performance and then support improvement in line with business objectives and available resources and budgets. This approach also offers the flexibility and focus that smaller companies need, for example by focusing on key process areas.

Critical Software has formal certification of its QMS to the ISO9001 standard and has assessed the same processes against the ISO15504/SPICE capability model. This experience indicates that once processes are defined and structured in a suitable way (in this case using the ISO12207 Software Life Cycle model), then the Capability Road Map is a viable approach which enables better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of an ISO9001 certified QMS and supports further improvement.


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